24 May 2022

The first pregnancy ultrasound

The first ultrasound, called "embryonic morphology", is performed between the 9th and 11th week of pregnancy.

During the first ultrasound, the midwife or obstetrician will confirm your pregnancy, the age of the fetus, and the expected date of delivery. The doctor will also check the health of the fetus by detecting possible malformations. The consultation lasts about 30 minutes, but it is your first appointment with your baby.

But it is also your first appointment with your baby. Suddenly, the sound of your baby's heartbeat will echo through the room. Maybe you will shed a few tears of joy...

4 Oct 2022

At my anatomy scan at 20.5 weeks they said she's measuring 2 weeks ahead. I'm due Feb 3rd, but I'm being induced on Jan 27th. I have been told to not go anywhere far a week before Christmas til she's born. Anyone have their babies that far in advance? Going back on Oct 10th for an echo of her heart. She wouldn't cooperate at the first anatomy scan. #firstpregnancy #highrisk #induction #measuringaheadofschedule #febuary2023 #babygirl