24 May 2022

The essential elements of a baby's room

For a baby to feel as safe in their new room as they did in his mother's womb, it is important to create a soft world for them, with elements that are essential to their well-being. The bed remains the main piece of furniture in the baby's room, with a firm mattress adapted to the shape of the bed and a pretty nightlight. The changing table is one of the essential elements, a small piece of furniture that allows you to keep everything you need for baby's hygiene close by, including diapers, wipes and lotions. While the wardrobe might be extra during the first months, the chest of drawers allows you to store your baby's clothes, slippers and bibs. The toy box, the mat and games, the thermometer, and the rocking chair help create a soft world for your child.
13 Aug 2022

Having a baby changes everything. The way you feel, the way you think.. and if you don't have a supportive partner your always gonna feel like your doing things on your own. My husband showed me that everything he promised while I was pregnant was just lies. I was in labor at the hospital for 4 hours because I waited till my contractions got closer together, my water broke at the hospital. I did an all natural birth, no epidural. I wanted to feel everything because to me that would be more rewarding. I pushed for 10 minutes and our beautiful baby girl came out. I did tear and had to get stitches. My husband looked so happy and I felt complete at that moment. But quickly reality set in. We get to the recovery room and he just sleeps the whole time. When we leave the hospital I'm thinking this is it now our life is gonna change for the better. He took a week off of work to "help" me with our daughter. This man literally played video games and slept instead of helping me. Then after that week it turned to months. Months of no help just disrespect, no concern for me that I am healing, I don't get sleep, I'm Breastfeeding, nobody is there to help me with the baby. I was going through so much at once. I have no family I moved in to his moms house when I was pregnant (worse decision ever) and it just made me resent him honestly. How could someone say they love us but won't do anything to help make things easier or be there to support me while I'm going through postpartum. Instead he kept telling me your crying all the time and stressing yourself out because you have postpartum depression.. no I didn't have postpartum depression I had an unsupported husband who only thinks about himself and could care less about helping me when I needed him most. And yes I was stressed and crying everyday because we live in a house full of his family that make me feel like I'm an outsider. So not only am I not with any family from my side, I'm in this big house surrounded by people who are only there to support my husband and my husband is here after work/school physically but emotionally he isn't there. He could be in the same room with us and not even spend time with our daughter I need to tell him can you hold her, could you change her, can you show her some love and attention.. months are passing by so much and the way he treats me and her makes me not even want to be around this anymore.. I am not perfect I yell at him and don't know how to talk.. but I only became this way because he decided to abandon us and how does someone abandon you yet you live with them and he sleeps in the bed with you and your baby but it's like he's not there.. can anyone relate?