24 May 2022

How to calm a crying baby?

When they're between two and five months of age, a healthy baby can cry up to two hours a day - it's the only way they can express themselves! There are many causes for crying.

  • Babies only cry when they have needs, and hunger is still one of the main causes of crying in newborns.
  • If the crying occurs after a bottle and the baby clenches his fists, arches his back, and pulls his knees up to his stomach, this is colic.
  • It is then advisable to relieve the baby with massages and suitable products, by reassuring her.
  • Trying to sleep can be one of the causes: make sure that the room temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees and that the baby falls asleep in a calm environment.
  • Like us, a baby needs to feel good! A clean diaper and a change of position often put an end to crying.
  • Finally, many studies prove that there is a correlation between newborn crying and mom's stress.