24 May 2022

The role of grandparents

If you're lucky, your children's grandparents live nearby, are good role models, and willingly take an active role in their grandchildren's lives!

  • In some families, grandparents are emotional pillars for younger children, relieving their own children of worries that often come with a busy schedule.
  • A grandparent also plays other important roles:
  • The gift of unconditional love
  • Support in the face of difficulties
  • Passing on traditions and family history
  • Kindness, humor, and patience
  • Life lessons
11 Nov 2022

How would you react? My birth dad has never had anything to do with me, he’s actually planned events including all the kids except me, received a family tree gift with every kid including his wives kids name on it except me. His wife messaged me inviting me to the family get together because I’m pregnant and bringing a grandchild into the world and said “so you don’t see the pictures and get upset like last time you weren’t invited” I personally am offended that they even feel entitled to the grandparent role after not being in my life for almost 26 years.