24 May 2022

Good hydration for your baby

Pay attention to providing your baby with proper hydration by following a few rules.

  • Remember to hydrate your baby in the summer as well as in the winter.
  • Your baby's body is 75% water, so it's important to help them stay well hydrated.
  • It is estimated that between 100 and 150 ml per kilo per day should be given.
  • Your baby needs water that is nitrite-free and not too rich in minerals. Vary the mineral waters and spring waters.
  • From birth to 6 months, your baby's needs are covered by breast milk.
22 Aug 2022

Officially hit my last 4 week appointment 🥲. Now they get to see my ugly face every 2 weeks. Can't wait for once a week and when she gets here💗. My Rainbow baby is Happy & Healthy the only thing wrong is my hydration and Hyperemesis gravidarum this pregnancy. But I'm blessed to say my 4th pregnancy is my longest and completely unexpected. She's doing amazing I miss my angels but I just want at least one baby is that to much to ask. We are praying for you baby girl!


29 Jul 2022

I’m starting to absolutely hate water ! We have to consume soo much any tips on water flavoring or alternative hydration for the Baby ? Please help 🥺


22 Jul 2022

Baby will be 6 weeks next week-I’m still having issues with my breast milk. I’ve tried teas, hydration, etc. He latched good and I wish I could provide more but he’s still hungry afterwards and drinks his formula. I pump maybe 1 oz or less from both sides. I’m eating like crazy, I’m hungry all day! I had lost 10lbs when I had my baby and now I gained them all back. I just feel like breastfeeding isn’t working out for me. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?