24 May 2022

You are going to become a mother for the first time!

It's official, you are pregnant and you are going to give birth to a baby for the first time! Your life is going to change and we have some advice for you:

  • You are going to meet a little stranger that you will have imagined for 9 months. The emotions will be very strong.
  • Get ready for the arrival of your baby and imagine a cozy nest.
  • Take time for yourself to live your pregnancy to the fullest. Listen to your body!
  • Share your feelings with your partner so that he understands what you are going through.
5 Nov 2022

I'm so devastated I miscarried this morning at 9 weeks and 6 days. My last hopes of becoming a mother. I can't believe my child is really gone. 1 yr anniversary with my fiance in 2 days. Birthday in 13 days just ruined. My fiance is going to hate me and I feel it cause this the 2x. My mother in law is going to be disappointed. My mother already said my baby wasn't going to make it 6 weeks ago. I feel so empty and lost now. 💔😭


5 Sep 2022

Lost my baby August 29th due to chromosomal/genetics issues. It's so hard to believe I wasn't even trying to get pregnant and then I did and lost my baby. I've been down about it but after my d&e my doctor was very hopeful that I'll be having a healthy baby soon. Since being pregnant I've just been thinking about becoming a mother so this time with intentions I'm going to try to make that a reality again. This is the start of my journey in having my rainbow baby. 🌈❤️🥹


23 Aug 2022

I'm super proud of myself I just got enrolled for school at PennFoster this is what I've been looking forward to for the longest and I don't have to pay for school 😊I can't wait im done and I'm taking up a trade in culinary art once I get My diploma ohh I'm excited and happy for myself all while I'm finishing up my pregnancy. It's sad and bitter sweet but once I have my son im hanging up my pregnant days of getting pregnant and focusing more on traveling and making my dreams turn into reality for My little family my girls 👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏾and my son 🤱🏾im proud of myself and who im becoming as a woman and a mother at the same time .love will come in due time but I'm focused on school and running my own businesses yes I will run multiple business once I learn the hang of how to tie everyone of them together and I will work to save up but not for long ..this is just my beginning for me and my little family


13 Aug 2022

I've been so emotional lately I don't know what to do with myself. My baby daddy just got a new job and so he's been giving me flowers and trying to take me out whenever he can that he's off because he's got three jobs about to be four and I keep feeling like I'm just waiting on the other shoe to drop really cuz my luck's always been very poor when it comes to romantic stuff and he was the one that had kicked me out over a miscommunication and now it seems that once he gets his place and everything together he wants me back in the house and I'm not sure what to do about that he doesn't want a relationship right now but he at the very least wants to know I'm safe and that I'm not living homeless or having to live with my mother... It's just been a lot to take in lately and my emotional levels are becoming really bad lately I don't know what to do with this...


8 Jul 2022

I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, but it happened I’ve believed God does things for a reason… when I told my bd I was pregnant the first thing he said to was we need to take care of it (meaning abortion) tried to manipulate me into getting it but I’ve never believed in abortions so I wasn’t gonna do it and I definitely was t gonna change my mind just cause he didn’t want it this baby is definitely a blessing to me becoming a mother will really change you…. All pregnant woman have their own problems mine is I was born with a seizure disorder so I’m high risk my baby is still growing no complication this far I’m in my second trimester I pray everyday for everything to be okay…


29 Jun 2022

Hello ladies I'm new here I just found out I'm pregnant I'm already a mother of 2bout to be a mother of 3 I'm excited nervous about becoming a mom for 2nd second time any advice


26 May 2022

My biggest fear is SIDS🥺🥺 .. is there anyway you can try to prevent it or no .. becoming a new mother I’m worried about everything


7 May 2022

I just want to publicly acknowledge which Im sure mamas will agree that being a mother saved my life. Giving in wasnt an option and though Im not perfect I still have so much to change permanently but becoming a mother taught me I can put myself last when Ive always looked at myself as selfish for how I lived my life. As a young adult Id numb myself through drinking and partying and sleeping around I have a wonderful mother and family but I always felt alone and being a mother even though we feel alone sometimes in raising our kids I dont ever feel lonely my God given purpose is my children and I dont know what I did right to deserve to be called mama but i am forever grateful


1 Jan 2022

No advice about kids / pregnancy but .. has anyone had problems with their own mother once becoming pregnant/mother? I feel like raising my children is bringing up a bunch of horrible memories of my child hood (not that it was all bad.) but just the bad times, Also me and my mom have argued way more and become so distant since i became a mom. She belittles my issues and tells me basically “just deal with it, ive done it everyone does” etc. i only have hubby for a support system, the rest of my family doesnt help at all, i look at my kids and would do anything for them yet, my mom doesnt look at me in that way. My mom always favored my sister over me, and now shes favoring my daughter over my son, its giving me like PtSD and no matter what i say to express myself its an argument she will not apologize for making me feel this way or any of her actions. How do i deal with this? Has anyone experienced this?


26 Dec 2021

I'm scared I'm at high risk, but I'm happy bc no matter what I'm becoming a mother🥰❤️ first pregnancy this is peace now❣️☺️