24 May 2022

Baby psychology, how does it work?

How to make sure your baby feels good in their head? Here are some psychology notions to understand how things work.

  • The right hemisphere of a baby's brain develops at a rapid pace during the first three years.
  • Eye contact and affection are as important as food and daily care.
  • During the first few months of life, a baby will seek to be “held” and skin-to-skin contact has a calming influence.
  • Your child also has an imperative need to move and play!
21 Aug 2022

I wasn’t expecting to be a mom for another few years, after I had a masters degree and a career established. But as poorly times as this was, I’m so blessed. I am able to be a stay at home mom for at least a year, possibly two because my fiancé is supporting me and his family has been so generous. I’d never have the opportunity to take the time to be a stay at home mom if everything went as I had originally planned. I was able to graduate with my bachelors degree in psychology this last spring, which almost didn’t happen because my baby girl gave me such bad morning sickness I almost dropped a few classes. I sometimes feel like I’ve failed in some way by not reaching my goals in order. But I was the first in my family on my dads side to graduate college, and my mom is an immigrant who moved to America in her 30s so I’m a first generation American. I have no student loans to pay back because I worked overtime during school to afford to go. I’m debt free, and I may be having this baby before marriage and before my schooling is down and before my career has begun but I have done so much. It’s okay if I don’t do things in order because they will all be done. It’s crazy to think I’ll be a mom at 23 years old, but I’m so lucky and so loved. All my hard work is paying off and I get to focus on my child