24 May 2022

Painful intercourse after birth: is it normal?

After giving birth, sex may be a little painful or uncomfortable. Don't panic, this is perfectly normal!

  • The majority of women who have just given birth experience pain in the vagina during their first intercourse.
  • Your vagina is less flexible after giving birth.
  • The longer you go without intercourse, the more likely you are to experience pain.
  • The pain can be physiological, but it can also be related to the pressure you put on yourself to have sex. Try to relax and go for caresses or massages at first, it's a great way to start!
18 Sep 2022

How painful is sex after birth?? On a scale 1-10


4 Aug 2022

Lol I know crazy to say because I just had a baby but y’all sex was a no for a while for us because of how painful it was I can’t wait till we can have sex again after I get on birth control lol 😂 I’m ready for that shit 😂😮‍💨❤️