24 May 2022

Tips to get a flat stomach

If you're motivated to tone up your body after giving birth, here are five tips to help you get a flat stomach.

  • From the first week after giving birth, keep an eye on your what you eat - no diets, just balanced, healthy meals that help your digestion.
  • Massage your belly with a suitable cream once or twice a day.
  • Take part in perineal and abdominal rehabilitation sessions with a professional.
  • With your doctor's approval, practice a low-impact physical activity on a regular basis (yoga, swimming...).
  • Stress is the enemy of a flat stomach, so take 10 minutes of relaxation and deep breathing every day.
8 Nov 2022

Hello I’m 18 w’s and 1 day not showing much but a little bc I am a small person in the first place who had A flat stomach lol . But I’m so eager to learn the gender of my baby I’ve been so nervous about the whole thing being that this is my first pregnancy but I’m excited as well . Gender reveal this weekend .is anyone else super emotional ? Lol✨


Qui qui 👼🏾💙🕊🌈
22 Oct 2022

Y’all showing at 4/5 weeks this my second I’m still flat stomach 😫


4 Oct 2022

I’m 22 weeks and 6 days which I’m happy about however, I’m struggling with how I feel about my stomach like I want to be confident and happy however it is hard. I have always been bigger and struggled with liking my body especially my stomach. I have always hoped that I would have a flat stomach and have a cute pregnancy belly however, it just looks like I’m fat and I have what you call a B belly which I’m not comfortable about. What have you done to grow to love your changing body?


28 Sep 2022

Why do I already look big and have a hard stomach at 6 or 7 weeks? For a bit more context I'm only 4'10 and originally I was 120 but now I'm 116 because of food aversions I wasn't eating before I knew I was pregnant, so, now I'm eating more but not like scarfing anything down and yet my stomach is popping out not like huge but enough to be noticable with shirts on and especially when I'm naked and my stomach is hard, I mean, I wasn't really a flat stomach girl before I just had a little bit of belly fat but now I stick out, is this normal? Am I imagining it? Why can't I push my stomach in? This is my first baby, and I'm 22 so I have no idea basically anything.


25 Sep 2022

Y'all I hate men. I wish I wasn't so horny 💀 I make stupid decisions. I be forgetting my baby daddy hateful asf and don't realize the crap he be saying. Talm bout you're not thick if you don't have a flat stomach. Mf I ain't had a flat stomach my whole life so what. I just been fat to you 🙃. Whats that even supposed to mean. Then gone get mad and say he ain't mean I'm fat he wasn't trying to offend me but repeated the same shit that your not thick if your stomach isn't flat. Like bro. Can I just go home bro. Take me home. I'm tired of you we not talking no more. And be lying for no reason. Talm bout he not talking to no other girls. Got constant females popping up on his xbox favorites and Snapchat messages. Like sir. You ain't gotta lie. Especially if we just having sex. You just want me in my feelings. Telling me to work out and do sit ups while I'm pregnant too cuz I keep saying i feel big asf. Like b_tch I give birth 3 weeks some change. I can't do sit ups. I can barely even stand up half the time. Goofy mf. Like why a mf even dated my Using me for my coot coot and this mouth 💀 like dang I shoulda minded my business.


21 Aug 2022

Who has flat stomach in the morning at 12w and couple of days?


14 Jul 2022

Y’all I’m on the best mood today. Just left my OB appt. I have been low key stressed all this time bc my stomach is flat flat and I’ve lost a little weight. Turns out everything is perfect. Baby is perfect, I’m not even supposed to gain weight at 15 weeks and doing just fine. 💕💗🎀🥹


13 Jun 2022

So jealous of y’all that’s showing already. My stomach is still flat with a little bit of fat 😩.


24 Apr 2022

Is this normal? So I’m 18weeks and someways I wake up and my stomach almost looks flat. I’m getting worried the baby isn’t growing properly. Anyone else? When I eat my stomach sticks out more but in the morning I seriously don’t look pregnant. I mean I’m almost 5 months! Should I be worried?


28 Nov 2021

Is it common to feel bloated around 7/8 weeks? I wake up fine, flat ish stomach and the minute I eat…my stomach transforms. I am also noticing that it’s getting hard. Is this normal guys?