24 May 2022

Girl or boy: how to adapt your birth list?

The birth list allows you to get gifts you really need to prepare for the baby's arrival.

  • If you've chosen to know the sex of your baby, you can personalize your birth list according to your desires.
  • For example, if you already know what color to decorate your baby's room with, match it with the bedding, the mobile, the sleeping bag, etc. Many stores offer entire collections.
  • For bath accessories, walking, and eating, major brands usually market items of mixed colors.
  • Above all, the birth list must contain the essentials to prepare for the baby's arrival!
8 Oct 2022

It’s a list of women on here in order that will be giving birth and then I’ll be next lmaooo , I’m waiting on y’all lmao


Beautiful journey
2 Oct 2022

I been seeing it’s away for you not to tear during birth I’m so excited to try the list of things I read to see do it really works one of them was not giving birth on your back that was already on my do not do list


23 Jul 2022

Ugh feeling like it’s getting harder me me because we are still in the process of trying to find our own home before our little girl gets here, I am already six months and it’s so hard knowing that we don’t have a home yet to call ours and I am not able to set up the nursery yet, I feel like I have so much done yet you’ll like I have nothing done and it’s so stressful, I already have my birth plan list ready also a little plan written down for after birth and even have my list made for my hospital bag but I still feel like I need a lot and it’s hard since we are still trying to save up money to get our own house before our little one is here😕 #hard-time #Alittlescared


4 May 2022

What are some realistic postpartum necessities that you guys had to have after giving birth? I’m a first time mom trying to create a list 💕💕