24 May 2022

Baby must-haves: the essentials to welcome your baby

Your baby's arrival is imminent, and you can't wait to have him or her in your arms. To enjoy the days following the birth worry-free, you need to anticipate your baby's first needs and shop for a few things. Here is everything you need to know about what you'll need for when your little one arrives, and a checklist of baby must-haves.

  • Just like your hospital bag, your birth essentials should be prepared well in advance so that you don't get stressed out on the big day.
  • First, check with your maternity hospital to find out what is provided and what you need to bring for the birth. Provided supply varies from one hospital to another. Generally speaking, you don't need to worry about diapers and bathing materials.
  • Prepare a small bag for the labor room (on the day of the birth) and another for your first few days together at the hospital. Remember to ask your midwife or OB how long are usually kept young mothers and babies, so you can pack accordingly.
  • Birth essentials include cotton onesies, terrycloth pajamas in the winter or cotton ones for summer, wool vests or cardigan, booties and/or socks, hat or knit cap, sleeping bag, mittens, bibs and/or swaddling clothes, towels, comb.
  • Back home, you will also need small bathrobes, infant hygiene products, diapers, a bath thermometer, towels, and baby wear.
  • All the baby clothes and accessories you require are available in both boy and girl colors, and it's hard not to fall in love with all the cheerful colors and cute patterns! If you don't know the gender, you'll have no problem finding styles that are gender-neutral.
  • If you don't have the time to put together your birth essentials kit, you should know that several brands offer ready-made baby must-haves kits. They are very practical and allow you to have everything you need on the day of the birth.
  • One last piece of advice: wait for the 3rd-trimester ultrasound before buying your baby's clothes. The doctor will give you an idea of your baby's weight, and you will be able to choose the right size of clothes.

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Birth essentials kit and going home


Your due date is approaching!, On top of your hospital bag, prepare for all your birth essentials for when you get home.

  • Once your baby is in your arms, there's no time to go shopping for everything they need.
  • To dress your baby, plan for a dozen onesies, pajamas and bibs, two sleeping bags, a hat, a pair of mittens and booties, wool vests and a bathrobe.
  • Also get diapers, extra clothes, a hairbrush, adapted hygiene products, towels, and a bath thermometer.