24 May 2022

Choosing your baby's name

The Romans said that a name is a destiny: what do you need to know to choose the right name for your baby? Whether it's a girl or a boy, what is the meaning of the name you have chosen?

  • Deciding on a name is a very important step in your life as a mother-to-be, and one of the first responsibilities that come with the arrival of a newborn.
  • The name is made official right after the birth, when the birth certificate is drawn up, by a civil clerk, usually at the town hall.
  • Some parents choose their child's future name well in advance, while others decide on it very shortly before the birth. Timing is less important than the fact that they like the sound and meaning of the baby's name.
  • A name is decided by two people: it must involve both mom and dad and requires unanimity.
  • In the past, a baby was often given the name of one of their grandparents or even an ancestor. This tradition still exists and you can draw inspiration from your family tree.
  • Many new and original names have appeared in the last few years. If you want to go off the beaten track, be aware that there are certain limits that protect the child's interest. The law forbids names that could appear ridiculous.
  • You should also make sure that the combination of the first name and the family name is harmonious and does not exceed a certain length: think of your child and yourself when you have to fill in administrative documents.
  • Apart from that, anything is possible: if you have a religion or origin that is dear to your heart, you may want to draw inspiration from the traditional names associated with it.
  • If you are short of ideas, you can look online: there are many sites that list names and give you information about their meaning, history, popularity, and different spellings.
  • Choose a name that sounds good to you and your partner, because you will have the opportunity to repeat it thousands of times in your life, in all kinds of tones!

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Choosing a name for your baby girl


If you are still undecided between several names for your future little girl, this information may help you make your choice.

  • These days, there is a wide range of names to choose from, from the classic ones like Camille to the very original ones like Noelynn.
  • You can start by choosing a name style - retro, floral, rare, or foreign, perhaps? This will give you something to look for.
  • Some parents choose to honor an ancestor in their family.
  • In the USA, Olivia, Emma, and Amelia are currently at the top of the list for little girls' names.

Choosing a boy's name


Your little boy is about to be born and you haven't settled on a name yet? Here's something to guide you.

  • According to the US Social Security in 2021, Liam, Noah, and Oliver are at the top ranking for little boys.
  • In the past, you would automatically give your son the name of a family member, and more often a grandfather's name. Today, there are an infinite number of choices.
  • If you find yourself doubting and can't make up your mind, make a short selection with your spouse and ask for your family and friends' opinions.