24 May 2022

How to take a fertility test

Do you want to maximize your chances to conceive? Opt for a fertility test!

It is an extra step to verify that you ovulate properly.

A fertility test checks:

  • If there are no anatomical anomalies or an infection that would prevent ovulation, through a gynecological examination.
  • Your body temperature variations, by making a temperature curve.
  • Hormone levels by taking blood samples during the different phases of your cycle.
  • The mucus level in the cervix after having sex with the Hühner test.
16 Nov 2022

These dreams of being pregnant or having a baby is driving me crazy I want one so bad had a dream I was pregnant day before yesterday popped up to a test negative so devastating anyone going through this I’m working on my payment for my first fertility appointment on the 6 of Dec it has really been a process for me and sometimes I feel I going through this alone I mean my dude wants one he rubs my stomach all the time but you know men they don’t express there feelings like we do


12 Nov 2022

Hey guys! Maybe a dumb question but when do you start counting dpo? Like after which day? I have been using the clearblue ovulation test and it has been saying I am at high fertility for three days now. Thank you in advance


21 Oct 2022

So… it’s been awhile since I posted anything I have just felt very defeated and hopeless lately all we want is to start a family!!! So I bought a fertility test for my husband and we are about to find out if he’s fertile or not #prayersplease


Kayla mowers
25 Sep 2022

Hello my name is Kayla me and my ex got pregnant back in 2018 and I lost my baby haven’t had a period since then so now in the future part me and my fiancé have been trying for 2 years I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 got in contact with a fertility specialist and they did all the test the could on me come to find out I don’t have PCOS or diabetes so they put me on Provera and met Formen and it was not working so they told me they didn’t need me on that due to not having PCOS or diabetes they said all my labs looked great they just didn’t know why I wasn’t having a period or ovulation she said we know u can get pregnant because you have in the past so they put me on provera and Clomid cycle one was a fail now I got my period on my own for the 2nd time with no medication the only thing is it lasted 5days so far and idk what to do we want a baby so bad help…


24 Sep 2022

This is my first cycle using an Ovulation Test. I am using clearblue digital. Does anyone know why I would go from the circle (low fertility) straight to the Solid smiley (peak) without ever getting the blinking smiley face? I am on cycle day 10 (28 day cycle), I started Testing (twice a day) on cycle day 7.


7 Jul 2022

I have a 12 year old 2 years after I had him I got pregnant again but had to have a emergency DNC. I got married in 2019 didn’t know I was pregnant and I miscarried. Oct 2021 I miscarried again didn’t know I was pregnant. Now my husband and I are trying. I’m 36 my periods are very regular. I started drinking these fertility teas and my period went from 28-29 days to 25-26 days and my periods only last 5 days. I recently took a fertility test to make sure everything is ok because this shit is stressful. I’m nervous that the test will tell me something bad but I’m being positive. As of yesterday I’ve cut starch, soda,processed sugars. I’m getting discouraged that’s for sure.


11 May 2022

Should I take a test these fertility candy's are making me feel nauseous


9 May 2022

Do anyone knw anything that helps with men fertility my husband had a test saying he don't have any sperm in his seamen ##HELP## SHOULD I STILL HAVE HOPE


5 May 2022

Can someone tell me how to go about getting my fertility test done? Do I go to my regular obgyn?


4 May 2022

Quick question!!! So About 3 weeks ago I took some clearblue ovulation tests and I finally got a peak ! I ran off two apps Ovia Fertility and Flo They both say my period starts on May 16th but The ovia app tells me to test today and the Flo app says it’s my best chance to get pregnant 🤨 What should I do? Should I take an ovulation test again? Also I have already took a pregnancy test Last week and once over the weekend should I take another pregnancy test as well?